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Charles A. Eastman (18581939) was a Wahpeton Dakota. Eastman worked as a doctor on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation before turning to writing. He published nine books and numerous articles on Sioux legends, customs, and beliefs.

Born in Massachusetts, Elaine Goodale Eastman (1863–1953) moved to Pine Ridge to teach on the reservation in 1886; there she met and married Charles Eastman. She encouraged her husband to write about his experiences, life, and heritage, and worked as editor for his publications.

Susan Turnbull is an award-winning advertiser, marketer, and graphic designer from Rapid City, South Dakota. She has illustrated several books for both children and adults, and is also part of a toy inventors group in New York. Her artwork is in several fine private collections throughout the US and she's been featured in fine art galleries and exhibits in South Dakota, New York
and New Mexico.


the discontented gopher dance in a buffalo skull the prairie dog prince the raccoon and the bee treeThe Enchanted Buffalo