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In western South Dakota, a young girl named Annie finds a prairie dog stuck in a trap. She frees the little animal, and her kindness leads to adventure. Whisked underground to a land of gnomes, Annie realizes that her life on a prairie farm might not be so bad after all.

The Prairie-Dog Prince mixes classic European fantasy with modern American writing and traditional American Indian beliefs. Writing in 1901, Eva Katharine Gibson added to the new genre of American fairy tales inspired by authors such as L. Frank Baum. Award-winning artist Carolyn Digby Conahan brings this timeless story up to date with modern illustrations.

  • Gold Medal Winner, Distinctive Illustration— Mom's Choice Awards, 2009

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Prairie Tale Prince - Gnome Kind Maze Game

See if you can escape the Gnome Prince's lair in the
Prairie Dog Prince Maze Game.

the discontented gopher dance in a buffalo skull the prairie dog prince the raccoon and the bee treeThe Enchanted Buffalo