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A prowling wildcat finds a surprise in an old buffalo skull on the prairie. Music is playing, and a group of mice are dancing the night away. They are not paying attention. Does the wildcat spell doom for the mice, or will they escape to safety?

Dance in a Buffalo Skull is a classic tale of danger and survival on the Great Plains.  This American Indian story passed from generation to generation before writer Zitkala-Ša translated it into English in 1901.  Look for a mouse in a buffalo mask, glowing lightning bugs, the stealthy wildcat, and much, much more.

  • Winner of a 2008 Aesop Accolade, presented by the American Folklore Society
  • Most Outstanding Children's Book of 2008
    - Mom's Choice Awards
  • Best Illustrator, Bronze Medal - 2008 Moonbeam Awards

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the discontented gopher dance in a buffalo skull the prairie dog prince the raccoon and the bee tree The Enchanted Buffalo