Prairie Tales from South Dakota

Prairie Tales - for parents and teachers

Between September 2010 and February 2011, the SDSHS Press ran a competition for 1st to 5th grade students in South Dakota to write a story or draw a picture inspired by one or more of the Prairie Tales.

We received many excellent entries, which made for some tough decisions, but in the end the following students have been selected as winners of their category in the Prairie Tale Competition:

1st Grade Story: Austin Kulm of Flandreau Public Elementary

2nd Grade Story: Miss Kusserís Class, Buchanan Elementary Pierre

3rd Grade Story: Grace Waldner, Newdale Colony School, Elkton

4th Grade Story: Josie Erickson, Howard Elementary School

5th Grade Story: Sarah Waldner, Newdale Colony School, Elkton

2nd Grade Illustration: Kenyon Caruful, Wagner Community School

4th Grade Illustration: Josie Erickson, Howard Elementary, Howard

Each winner received three sets of the five Prairie Tales; one set for their own use, and two sets for their school. Their stories and art can be seen below. Congratulations to each winner!

1st Grade Story: 2nd Grade Story: 3rd Grade Story: 4th Grade Story: 5th Grade Story:
2nd Grade Illustration: 4th Grade Illustration: